Amy Tells All (about her garden writing success)

Greetings and welcome to Flora’s Forum! It’s our very first post and am I excited. Not only because this day has been a long time coming and we’re going to have a great time together, but because I’ve been itching to write about Greenwoman Magazine ‘s new connection with GrowWrite! magazine.

I first heard of GrowWrite! editor and author Michael Nolan when we reviewed his excellent book I Garden: Urban Style in Greenwoman’ s first issue last summer. Before that issue made it to press I heard that Nolan was doing guests posts for gardening blogs. I asked, “Would you do one for us, please?” He said, “Sure.” The result was a funny and charming post in Greenwoman Zine. He even sent me a funny picture.

The Garden Rockstar shows how to maintain a garden rockstar do.

Michael Nolan is the coolest cucumber in the garden patch. I sent him a copy of the 1st issue of Greenwoman and a copy of the 2nd issue in December. He liked what I was doing and decided to feature the magazine in his first issue of GrowWrite! Halfway through the issue I thought, “This new online magazine is fabulous. I want to be a part of it. Hmm, what can I do for GrowWrite!?” I came up with the idea of sending  Q&As to successful garden writers. Michael dug the idea.

My first interview is with Amy StewartNew York Times bestselling author (three times over), garden funnywoman extraordinaire, lover of worms and backyard poultry, and one hardworking lady. In this Q&A Amy gives wonderful advice to aspiring best selling authors.

Amy Stewart not only turned me (and GrowWrite! readers) on to all her publishing secrets, but inspired me to finally start a worm farm this spring.

Check it out in GrowWrite! ‘s second issue.

–Sandra Knauf

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