Michael A. Stusser – Greenwoman’s Funny Man

Today I want to introduce one of the men who has written for Greenwoman Magazine. I came upon Seattle author Michael A. Stusser’s work while reading one of his brilliant essays in a Best Food Writing anthology.  Organicize Me, a hilarious and educational piece on attempting to eat only organic food for a month, (before it was easy) blew me away. This, I thought, would be such a fun way to introduce readers to all the aspects of the organic food industry. He let me reprint it in the first issue of Greenwoman.

Even though I did something mortifying in that first issue, misspelled his name, not once, but TWICE (“Strusser”–and with three proof-readers!) he still offered me another story for issue two, a personal tale he wrote about  a little neighbor girl who bullies him into starting a garden club (when I say garden club, I mean Michael, the girl, and, for a while, another kid, with the girl calling all the shots). Again, funny as all get out, but this time with a sweeter side of Michael. It’s one of those stories that, oh my, it leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction, a glow.

I had to share one of his video capers. In it, Michael parodies a beautiful but over-the-top-perfect yoga ad.

For those of you who have read and enjoyed his work you might be surprised at his derring-do–not to mention his mad yoga skills.

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