The Unexpected

Last week was full of little highs and lows. There were migrating monarchs on the ridge where we walk – more than I’ve ever seen… clouds of them billowing up off the Eupatorium when we passed, quickly settling back to their task of nectar foraging. Fifty feet down the path, kids tending a little fire, for their own task: burning the coating off rolls of electrical wire, to earn a few more cents per pound at the scrapyard.

I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes trying to explain my dismay, and the irony of the contrast, but when it comes down to it, all I can say is, This shitty old city.

Friends are getting married. Lots of them (but not all to each other). So there was and will be baking going on downstairs. M made little braids, wheat sheaves, ciabattas, dense ryes… Little sister made matcha cupcakes in black papers (gorgeous). I ran up and down the steps with coffee and frittata and toast… And on my way, out the window at eye level, I spied…

…a parakeet! On the porch railing, wet, green, and gold, and watching the rain.

–Zoe Tilley Poster


(First published in Zoe’s blog Pearled Earth on 9/12/12.)

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