Greenwoman Lit. on We Dig Plants!

Home of "We Dig Plants"

Home of “We Dig Plants”

Yesterday Zora and I had the pleasure of hanging out (on the radio!) with the proprietors of Groundworks, Inc. — Carmen DeVito  and  Alice S. Marcus Krieg. These ladies of the soil not only commune daily with the green world but they discuss it on their weekly radio program: We Dig Plants (on HeritageRadioNetwork).

One of DeVito and Krieg's gorgeous installations.

One of DeVito and Krieg’s gorgeous installations.

Carmen and I have been Facebook friends for a few years but I knew little about her on-the-air work. So last week, after we made a date for a show, I dug around. And I immediately became nervous! She and Alice have interviewed editors from Organic Gardening, Horticulture Magazine, Leaf Magazine, and many others who are immersed in the thought, literature, and fashion of gardening.

What an honor it was to be included!

I hope you’ll check out the show. Zora and I shared our experience of what it was like creating and getting the magazine on her feet for the last three years. We spoke about the big challenges and rewards of self-publishing and what it’s been like working together as a mother and daughter team. Zora told about how Zera and the Green Man came to be published, and she even read a passage!

As an important aside – I’d like to invite you to poke around the station’s site and see what they are offering, and perhaps consider becoming a member of the HeritageRadioNetwork. They are doing SO MUCH on the good food/healthy society frontlines.

Here’s the fascinating backstory, taken  from their website:

“ was launched in 2009 by Patrick Martins, founder of Slow Food USA and of Heritage Foods USA. The station is built into two re-purposed shipping containers dropped into the back yard of Roberta’s, a legendary Brooklyn restaurant-the premises of aptly demonstrate the do-it-yourself philosophy of today. Almost every important figure in the American food revolution has been on the network, from Alice Waters to Michael Pollan. We have recorded and broadcasted over 3,000 shows covering a wide array of topics including food, agriculture, politics, design, art, music and much more.”

After reading this and spending some time with Carmen and Alice yesterday, I knew I had to be a part of this. Maybe you will be too?

–Sandra Knauf

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