Now That’s a Cabbage!

Isn’t harvest season fun?

I wanted to share this old postcard. I was researching cabbage pictures (you’ll find out why in our next issue of Greenwoman Magazine) and this certainly caught my eye! Those long days in the northern hemisphere can really bring forth the big ones.

I would guess this is circa 1950.

“44 lb. Aska Cabbage grown near Palmer in the fertile Matonuska Valley. Color by McLain’s Photo Shop, Anchorage.”

44 lb. Alaska Cabbage 001 (2)

Happy Harvest Season!

–Sandra Knauf

(Vintage postcard: Greenwoman Magazine Collection.)


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7 responses to “Now That’s a Cabbage!


    ‘Bet you could get them that big with night soil…. what do YOU think?

    Becky Elder PCD, EC Blue Planet Earthscapes (.com) Pikes Peak Permaculture (.org) 719-685-0290

    • Wow – I missed this comment, Becky – and then someone wrote today and I saw it. Yes, indeed on the growth. (I had to look up “night soil” — composted human excrement.)

  2. Wow, awesome photo! Would you happen to know anything about the source?

    I’m working on a book about state symbols (Geobop’s State Symbols) and would love to use that photo in the Alaska chapter. I just need to find out who I can request permission from – or if it’s in the public domain.

    Thank you.

    David Blomstrom

    • Hi David,
      Thanks! The source is an old postcard, I’m guessing ’40s or ’50s. On the back it reads “Alaska Scenic Post Cards – J & H Sales – Anchorage, Alaska”. It’s probably not in the public domain, so you might try seeing if you can find out more from J & H Sales. I couldn’t find a website, but here’s the info from their Facebook Page: Address
      1520 Karluk St.
      Anchorage, Alaska 99501
      Phone (907) 272-7736
      GOOD LUCK! (Let me know what you find out.)

  3. Hi again. I found this link – it very well might be in the public domain if it was before 1978 as it does not have a copyright on the back of the card! (I would do a little more checking into it, though.)

  4. Thanks so much for your help. 😉

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