Zoe Tilley Poster’s Nature Connection

Three Dogs - an original drawing by Zoe Poster Tilley

Three Dogs – an original drawing by Zoe Tilley Poster

Some of you may remember Zoe Tilley Poster’s art from Greenwoman Issue #4.

She created an illustration for our “yucca mama” story, which first appeared right here in Flora’s Forum in July 2012On Yucca Moths Illustration Zoe Poster Tilley 001 (2)

She also does fabulous butterflies.

Solar Mountain Butterfly

Solar Mountain Butterfly

I’ve been admirer of her art for a long time and I love her writing too (you can enjoy both on her blog, Pearled Earth). Zoe’s an expert gardener, an animal lover, a nature lover, a food lover (here’s one of her posts we shared on Flora’s Forum, showing one garden harvest), a great cook, a talented artist, an exceptional writer, an entrepreneur, a mushroom forager! And that’s the short list. So many cool things rolled into one.

It’s been fun watching her business grow this last year. She brings her life into her art; her drawings represent the nature and animals she sees and connects with at her home in Pennsylvania. Raccoons, foxes, owls, butterflies, goats, cats . . . take a look for yourself at her Etsy store.

When she posted about her latest creations, gift tags for the holidays. I kind of went . . . wild over them. (Chickadees! A cute squirrel!)

gift-tags-desk (1)

No doubt about it, these are the tags to grace my gifts this year. Won’t they look sweet on a jar of homemade pickles–or a book wrapped simply and rustically in brown kraft paper and a colorful ribbon? I thought so, and so bought the download immediately. You can too–or better yet, get the download free (through November 30th) with the purchase of Zoe’s original Christmas cards, or a drawing, or an adorable T-shirt for a baby (with a little skunk on it) . . . there are so many possibilities. Here’s her Etsy site again.

–Sandra Knauf

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