Attention Garden Writers!

If you're a garden writer, you can have a 1/4 page ad in Vols. 1-6 for a great price!
If you’re a garden writer, or if you have a business that discerning gardeners would love, you can have a 1/4 page ad in Vols. 1-6 for a great price!


Hello readers, writers, artists, and entrepreneurs!

I’m far of the “regular post” track today because I wanted to share something special with you. I am currently in the process of re-vamping all of my magazine issues and reissuing them as paperback books, Greenwoman Magazine Volumes 1-6, on Amazon. Not only does going through Amazon Createspace save me printing costs, and Amazon takes care of the shipping work and costs (which as some of you know is considerable!), but it’ll enable Greenwoman to be available worldwide. I have one issue on Amazon now, the last one, issue #6, and everyone loved the new format!

Another benefit is that anyone who is featured in the magazine (I’ve interviewed Joel Salatin and Amy Stewart, among others) will have a link to the magazine come up on their Amazon page.

It’s great marketing for all of us!

What I am looking for now is gardening authors or those who have a business who may want to put a quarter-page ad for their book/s in these revamped issues – which will ALL be coming out next month in June.

I’m only charging $200 for a quarter page black and white ad – it’s a great deal. And I know once I have all these magazines available (which I am reissuing as books) business will take off even more.

I will market the new publications on my newsletter (700 subscribers and growing), several websites, and this blog.

If you know someone who would appreciate a long term low-cost ad for their gardening/artistic/sustainable living endeavor – please have them contact me today. I will be accepting ads only through the end of May.

Thanks for your time, I appreciate it!

Sandra Knauf

Editor and publisher, Greenwoman Magazine

P.S. If you haven’t seen the magazine, you can get a free download of Issue #5 by signing up for the newsletter (see column to the right). You can see what is in all of the issues by going to our website.

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