Sky Father

(c) Museums Sheffield; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Donati’s Comet (November 1, 1858) by James Poole (1803-1886), via Wikimedia Commons.


(When I read Virginia’s poem, I thought of another big celestial event that’s happening on August 21st – a total solar eclipse. Virginia reminded me that there would also be a Perseid meteor shower on the night of August 12th/early August 13th. – SK)

Sky Father

Vibrant sphere of light
Slowly arcs across the heavens,
Casting paths of silver beams.
Ancient traveler over distant lands.
Mute observer, eyes cast down,
Mouth turned up in patient smile,
Silent witness to our lives,
Father of the midnight sky.

(November 1988)

* * *



Virginia Gambardella lives in New York. She has one son and three grandchildren and enjoys: people, holidays, antiques, nature, gardening, fishing, decorating, fashion, sharing knowledge, cooking and baking. She’s a cancer survivor, a pancreatitis survivor, a widow, and the re-inventor of her life, “as necessary.”




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