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Melting Snowflakes


“Melting Snowflakes or Тающие_снежинки”, an image from the European Science Photo Competition 2015, via Wikimedia Commons

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Vintage Halloween


As we harvest our pumpkins and begin to fully enjoy the fall beauty of chrysanthemums and colored leaves, I thought it would be fun to share some Halloween images of the past. All are from Wikimedia Commons. The featured photo of the baby (unidentified) sleeping in a pumpkin is a 1906 lantern slide from the National Library of Australia.


This photo, showing three boys carving pumpkins, is from 1917 and came from the Library of Congress.


The well-known Canadian photographer Conrad Poirier took this shot of Barbara, Pauline, and Dorthy Luck looking out on a spooky scene in 1940. With the permission and cooperation of Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec and Wikimedia Canada under the Poirier Project.


These two boys are from the Book of Halloween, 1919, by Ruth Edna Kelley. Titled “No Hallowe’en without a Jack-o’-Lantern.” (So true!)


An 1890 image from a student Halloween party at the University of Southern California. That’s a LOT of pumpkin carving!


This sweet toddler comes from the California Historical Society Collection, 1860-1960. Scratched on the pumpkin is the year “1901,” the pumpkin’s weight of “230#,” and “Raised by J.J. Teague.”


This photo came from a collection from the Waterdown Public School, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada. It’s from 1928. I’m not quite sure if it’s a teacher or a student, but I like her outfit! By UNK photographer: uploaded by WayneRay.


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Sandra Knauf is the one-woman-show behind Greenwoman Publishing. Her books include the six-volume series Greenwoman (compilations of literary garden writing and art), her young adult fantasy novel, Zera and the Green Man, and an anthology of sexy gardening stories that she says is the feminist gardener answer to Fifty Shades of GreyFifty Shades of Green. She was a 2008-09 featured “Colorado Voices” columnist for The Denver Post and her humorous essays have appeared nationally in GreenPrints and MaryJanesFarm. She has also been a guest commentator on KRCC’s (NPR’s southern Colorado affiliate) “Western Skies” radio show. Sandra lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with her family, dogs, huge urban garden, and lots of books.



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Pet Pica pica

Skjære-Petter._Attribution Arne F. Kopke_Bildet_er_hentet_fra_Arkivverket (2)

Photograph by Arne F. Køpke, National Archives of Norway, via Wikimedia Commons.

When I was looking for an image for Tricia’s poem “Maple Bacon March Morning” on Tuesday I came across this one. It was in a collection of images from Norwegian photographer Arne F. Køpke and taken in 1952. That’s all that’s mentioned, except that the bird is a Pica pica, or Eurasian magpie, one of the members of the crow family.

There were several photos of the bird and family, but that one was the best, though this one was quite interesting, too.

By Arne F. Køpke - National Archives of Norway

By Arne F. Køpke – National Archives of Norway, via Wikimedia Commons.

In other pictures it shows the bird perched on Tatt av Vinden by Margaret Mitchell.

Arne F. Køpke - National Archives of Norway

By Arne F. Køpke – National Archives of Norway, via Wikimedia Commons.

Could it be? There were several volumes . . . I did a little research and learned that while Mitchell published 48 books in her lifetime Tatt av Vinden does translate to Gone With the Wind (thank you, Google Translate!).


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