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Asking for support is never easy, but the truth is that I need support to keep Flora’s Forum and other Greenwoman Publishing projects going. It IS a work of love, but our bills need to be paid, too. I want to keep Flora’s Forum ad-free and beautiful (except for a few personal, special cases), and I’d also like to start paying the enormously talented writers and artists who contribute to this blog.

Right now, your dollars will go to the money I’ve already spent getting Flora’s Forum up and running for the last few years. After that, I want to build enough capital to start paying all the people who help make this happen.

As every editor and writer knows, the heart of any publication is the relationship between the writers and the readers. If you love the essays, stories, and poems here, I’d be thrilled if you’d consider making a small donation to Greenwoman Publishing, LLC. It’s not a non-profit, so there are no tax benefits, but you will be able to rightly refer to yourself as A True Patron of the Arts.

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