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Harvest Envy

Zoe knows how to lead a life of romance–connecting with nature, reveling in the work, the education, the bounty, and the beauty that comes from growing your own food. In this post she shares a little of that romance, complete with mouth-watering photos.

(As for me, our tomatoes are only beginning to come on, hence the envy!)

–Sandra Knauf


A good weekend: tomato sauce, dried tomatoes, sour pickles, dilly beans, pesto, tomatillo salsa. And enough time for a hike in the woods, where we picked chanterelles… enough to saute in butter, simmer in cream, and pile atop some polenta.

–Zoe Tilley Poster

* * *

Poster is an artist, gardener, and wanderer of the woods. At her blog, pearled earth, she records those notions which take a brief roost in her brain before fluttering out the exit ear and away on the wind.

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