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There is currently a glut of delicious, organic, pumpkin-pie making squash available locally. I think it’s time to cook a few for the smoothie pantry!

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You want to watch something scary for Halloween? Well, I suggest the award-winning Gasland, or perhaps this short film from from an eleven year old from Boulder, Colorado (below). She tells us all about fracking, and what’s going on in our state. It’s a really big issue in my hometown/county this year, hence the bumper stickers that are now in the process of being made (above).

What the frack can we do? Study up, make your voices heard. The damage that will be done, if this goes through, lasts a long, long, long, long time.

We all know we have the technology and the ability to move to better systems (solar–wind–ocean power–etc.) but the forces behind keeping the U.S.A. polluted have MONEY. They ¬†want to do things their way, best interests of the future be damned.

So send a letter. Attend a City Council meeting. Do something–before it’s too late.




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