Colorado’s Calendar Girl

February - Bison at South Park

February – Bison at South Park

I’m lucky; my friend Rhonda Van Pelt creates a calendar each year from scenes in Colorado. She does the legwork, I get to enjoy scenes that I’ve very likely visited through the year but did not photograph (and even if I did, I would certainly not get these photographs).

The above shot of bison was taken in February near South Park, Colorado. Rhonda says of that day, “I was heading home from Leadville, cutting across South Park on Highway 24, when I noticed the resident buffalo herd was near the fence. Even better–the white one was there, too. Those big, homely beasts seemed to pose for me as I took numerous photos over the fence.”

(When I saw this image all I could think about was the sacred white bison in Native American religions. I looked it up and found out these bison are amazingly rare. In fact, The National Bison Association estimates that they occur only once in every ten million births. While I’m not sure this one is 100% bison–I’m thinking probably not, as bison are and have been bred with cattle for a very long time–she still seems quite magical!)

Rhonda sent me a few samples from her wonderful 2014 edition, along with descriptions of her experience photographing each:

May Old North End tulip

May: “The Old North End is a historic neighborhood in the heart of Colorado Springs. More than a century ago, the men who made their fortunes in the gold mines of Cripple Creek and Victor build their family homes there. Current residents lovingly care for the gardens in front of their Victorian mansions.”

July RRC buck

July: “Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful park near my home in Colorado Springs. I hike there every chance I get and usually see tracks or other signs of wildlife that wanders the acreage. On this day, I held my breath as I saw this gorgeous buck, but was able to take a few photos before he bounded away.” 

August Balloon Classic

August: “Every Labor Day weekend, Colorado Springs hosts the Colorado Balloon Classic. It’s so much fun to watch the colorful giants head skyward and to capture photographs of their flight; every year is different depending on which way the wind pushes them.” 

Dec G of G and Pikes Peak

December:  “Most people in this area feel extremely blessed to have a view of Pikes Peak and to be able to roam around the rock formations at Garden of the Gods. I’m no exception–I can drive less than 10 minutes away to enjoy this vista through the seasons.”

To see more of Rhonda’s work visit her website.

Rhonda is  selling her calendars for $20 each plus shipping if outside of Colorado Springs or Manitou Springs (approximately $5 more per calendar). All photos are also available as greeting cards. For more information and to order, email her at

–Sandra Knauf



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  1. Lisa Ann

    How do I buy this calendar

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